ÉMERAUDE DES SAGES - serum cream

ÉMERAUDE DES SAGES - serum cream

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Golden fluid, serum ~ cream 

A daily skin renewal treatment that offer skin deep nourishment, smooth line and brighten the complexion. 


This ingenious composition of more than 34 ingredients offer a deep cellular skin rejuvenation.

Gold & silver colloidal, micro-algae, green tea*, calendula*, moringa*, fohara*, vit A, E, carrot cells, cucumber*, nigella*, arnica* and ylang ylang hydrosol* are part of a unique botanical complex; repairing, regenerating, nourishing, offering a smoother skin texture with super active ingredients like peptides and amino acids. 

This unique blend created the perfect balance skin treatment. Every day we can notice a clearer complexion which contribute to our wellbeing. 

This skin food treatment is Gold !


Every day/night apply a pea size on the face and around the eyes & lips, perfect eye & lip contour. Apply another pea size for neck and cleavage.


Mixing a pea size of Émeraude des Sages with a drop of Larmes du Dragon will extend the serum-cream. With one application it will cover the face, neck and cleavage. Boost delightfully with the delicious ingredients of Larmes du Drago