GODLY DIRT purifying mask
GODLY DIRT purifying mask

GODLY DIRT purifying mask

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From time immemorial, nature beautifying medicine is an inside out ritual to cleanse, nourish..& purify.


Plant based of miraculous healing flowers, leaves, roots of , liquorice, strawberries, cacao, amla...lavender, neroli...and few other gentle powerful nature best remedies.


GODLY DIRT is a truly magical mask, calming inflammation, deeply purify, as a tightening effect, close pores, regulate the ph of the skin and offer a daily magnificent glow ! 

  • tone
  • clear skin 
  • close pores
  • tighten
  • luminous skin
  • balance skin ph
  • no clay


1/3 of a tea spoon of the powder in a little bol, mix with water or hydrosol. Mix well until a soft paste is created. Apply all over the face with circular movement, gently exfoliating the skin. Avoid eye contour.
Leave on the skin 15-20mins. Rince with lukewarm water and finalize with cooler water.
The skin is now fresh and ready to receive serums, cream and tonics for a deeper nourishment.

We can use Godly Dirt as many time a week we feel the needs...for a brighter, fresher complexion!