About Us

I like to offer the best of myself, and stay authentic to the aspirations of the moment.
Nature, so honest, so truthful, rejoices me.
This pure joy that emanates from this relationship, so soothing and vital, is a balm for my heart, feeling gratitude for this offering from Life.
From this loving & grateful devotion, I share the jewels reaped in Her garden.
These balms blooms as perfumes, love potions, serums, creams, butter, powders and sprays..which sublimate the state of being and deeply regenerates our terestial envelop..our body.
These harmonious...melodious compositions....are woven with naturally savage & organic elements.
Soothing & powerful, they transform, relieve, nourrish, regenerates and operate with determination....because they are fresh, alive and expert in their God-given gift.
They bless you by their purpose of living.
The heart's intention is to be benevolent and to love.
Where ancestral science meets today longing to reconnect with a Deeper sense of Beauty
The Exodeus story is the progressive revelation of the consciousness of Love & Beauty in each moment. 
A Self transformation, combining our original essence to the daily devotion of our wellbeing. .