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Exodeus Poetry

    I have no name  I have no colour I Am the One dancing through youThe Remembrance of your true nature ~Inner galactic paradise Outer human sacrifice The way of the Divine offering Sometimes seems disguisedthe blissful ways is yoursIf you let me guide you.Stillness of the mind When you see clearThe flow is permanent I Am always hereLet me embrace you with graceThe everlasting celestial fuel Transcendent Love from aboveAs below, we surf the flow Love the whole xXperience,I Am always here dancing through you~ Exodeus #artofbeautyretreats 

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Art of Beauty Retreats

Self Love is realizing our own unique Beauty and allow space for its caring. Awakening Beauty Consciousness and adopting a set of self care rituals to continue in our daily life amidst a hectic schedule, is the basis of this retreat

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