Mushin Tao

Mushin Tao

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This 2 hours treatment session induces into the no-mind and assist your body with a combined approach of massotherapy, reflexology, vibrational acupuncture, reiki, the use of tibetan bowls, etc. 
Mushin Tao means
The Way of The No-Mind,
this soothing meditative state allows the body to re-balance and be in better symbiosis with Spirit-Mind.

It's like going into RESET MODE

To make it an efficient session, each of our treatments starts with a 20 min consultation, to get soulfully & therapeutically familiar with you, mind, body & soul.

After the session of 2hr hours of Mushin Tao we give care in assisting you into your awakening. 

The Benefits of the Mushin Tao are physical, psychological and spiritual.