MILKYWAY 3 in 1 - cleanser - make up remover - mask
MILKYWAY 3 in 1 - cleanser - make up remover - mask

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MILKYWAY 3 in 1 - cleanser - make up remover - mask

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MILKYWAY is a refine cleanser which provides a soft relief to the skin, all while preserving its suppleness and elasticity. Your skin finds itself revitalized and profoundly purified. 

Perfect for normal, mixed, dry and sensitive skin. 

  • normal
  • mixed
  • dry
  • sensitive


A balance composition that includes hydrosol of lavender, silver colloidal, pearl powder, essential oils of geranium, carrot, palmarosa, vitamins, cucumber extract...and more delicious nourishing ingredients. 

The essential oils of lavender, geranium and carrots have regenerative and nourishing  properties for the skin. 


Clean and clear the skin from its roughness, toxins and help removes aging spots. MILKYWAY keeps the suppleness and elasticity of the skin. Its appeasing aromatic effect helps relax the mind and allows inner peace.

  • purify
  • soften
  • emollient
  • keep elasticity
  • hydrate
  • protect
  • confort
  • mood enhancer
  • feeling fresh



CLEANSER: Massage face in circular motion with a nut-size cream. Leave on skin from 30 seconds to 1 minute for the nutriments to penetrates the derm. First rinse with warm water, and then with cold water.

MAKE UP REMOVER: Use sufficient quantity to well remove the make-up, massage, rinse and re-do this process with a little bit of MILKY WAY all over the facial. Leave on skin for 30 seconds up to 1 minute to benefit from the essential oil virtues. Rinse again. 

MASK: Apply on a previously washed skin and leave on skin for 30 min. After having let the skin absorb the cream, either massage the extra for the skin to further absorb it or rinse with warm water, and then with cold water.


Wear MILKYWAY in a humid or a dry spa. Deeply hydrated, the skin will be extra soft, looking xXtra fresh! An exquisite nourishing treatment.