LARMES DU DRAGON  oil free serum
LARMES DU DRAGON  oil free serum

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LARMES DU DRAGON oil free serum

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Love at first time with this oil-free serum that softens, tonifies, hydrate the skin and offer a magnificient glow !


Floral water of ylang ylang, rose, manuka honey, vitamines, elderberries extract, lupine extract, cucumber extract, algae,  grape seed extract, msm, filled with hyaluronic acid and other nourishing natural oil free emollients. 


Botanical extracts nourishes and offers antioxydant and anti-inflammatory effects which prevent collagen degradation. The hyaluronic acid replenishes the missing water within the skin, and offers the most emollient results. Its hydrosoluble effect facilitates more profound penetration of active ingredients, and amplifies therapeutic effect. This lotion has a relaxing effect on the mood and the skin become as soft as silk.

  • brighten
  • soften
  • nourish
  • expend creams & serums
  • illuminate complexion


1. Apply a dime size of Larmes du Dragon all over your face, neck and hands, wait a few second to a minute to let it sink in your skin. Then apply your favorite cream.

2. In the palm of your hand, mix one drop of LARMES DU DRAGON with your serums, creams or masks. It will expand gracefully all the other products we mix it with. Creating a more penetrative solution and also a wonderful way to use less of our favorite serum or cream. 

3. In hot temperature LARMES DU DRAGON can be used alone as a wonderful oil free emollient.



Mix one drop of a dime size of LARMES DU DRAGON with three to five drops of RESURRECTION. This mix facilitates the profound penetration of the serums, and creates a creamy texture that's is truly amazing to apply. The result is a luminous glow of the face, deeply nourished. Satisfaction guaranty !


Mix one drop of a dime size of LARMES DU DRAGON with three to five drops of RESURRECTION with a dab of METAMORPHOSIS. Creating a creamy texture as the MOST transformative night treatment.

An ABSOLUTE dream come true, this TRIO will offer the most clear, nourished and healthy glow ever !