METAMORPHOSIS  Enzyme peeling
METAMORPHOSIS  Enzyme peeling

METAMORPHOSIS Enzyme peeling

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Renew Skin Therapy

METAMORPHOSIS ingenuity, is for a smooth skin and a fresh healthy glow ! Eliminate dead skin and creates a clear unified complexion. 


Fruit extracts, algae, liquorice, glycolic acid, just to name a few of this perfectly balance treatment to optimized skin renewal.


After the first application, you will have the result of a clinical gentle peel ! All natural in the confort of your home. A total most, if you want to ameliorate your skin condition, it will gently exfoliate.

The perfect blend to work on age/sun spots, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, oily skin, mature skin, acne and scars

  • clear dead skin
  • age/sun spot
  • wrinkles
  • flawless skin result
  • not for sensitive skin


Apply a thin layer of the peeling gel METAMORPHOSIS all over the face. Away from eyes and mucosa. 

Leave on a MAXIMUM of 20mins. Rince with lukewarm water to end with fresh water. Apply your favorite cream or serum after the peel.

We recommend to follow with a comforting cream or serum like our serum-cream IMMORTELLE or our repairing serum RESURRECTION and our oil free serum LARMES DU DRAGON.


We highly recommend our Night treatment TRIO for an impeccable skin !! An absolute dream come true !!



Use a dab of METAMORPHOSIS mix with one drop (dime size) of our oil free LARMES DU DRAGON mix with three to five drops of our Golden serum RESURRECTION. Mix these three wonderful products into a creamy texture. Apply the mixture on the face, neck, décolleté and hands. Sleep well and awake to a clearer, luminous, flawless skin every day more & more. Just AmaZzzzing !

Do not apply any other products containing glycolic acid, aha fruits extracts, retinol or any exfoliant products for 7 days minimum after you used our enzymatic peeling METAMORPHOSIS.