NŪDO Protective day cream 20x
NŪDO Protective day cream 20x
NŪDO Protective day cream 20x

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NŪDO Protective day cream 20x

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Day Cream Protection 20X

Creamy and unctuous NŪDO is bursting with nutritional plantes. Restore, hydrate, confort and repair. A perfect day cream for all skin type that need sun protection. BB cream alikeness, covers a little the redness of patch red skin and help to calm inflammation.


  • dry
  • normal
  • oily
  • sensitive



A sumptuous blend of nature delicacy; cupuaçu butter, karanja oil, sea buckthorn oil, tamanu, calendula, rosemary, aloes, chaparral extract, zinc, geranium, lavender, sage, cedar, palmarosa…just naming a few ingredients of this precious soothing cream, a daily treatment for a beautiful healthy skin !



NŪDO nourishes the skin, calm inflammation and acne, protect from sun rays, rejuvenate and confort. A perfect solution for daily use.

  • protect
  • repair
  • calm
  • nourish



Every morning apply on clean skin, neck, neckline/chest and hands.


Be aware of the strength of the sun, if swimming or spending a lot of time on a full blasting sun, apply more NUDO, wear a hat and smile !